Vertical Motors (WP1)

BMR USA’s vertical hollow shaft motors are constructed to minimize the entrance of rain, snow and other natural elements such as particles in the air. BMR USA WP-1 enclosures surpass NEMA standards with an advanced winding protection design to handle harsh outdoor environments throughout the year. BMR USA has designed an internal ventilation system to maximize cooling to the internal winding system and upper thrust bearing to help promote the motors longevity.

General Construction:

  • Durable light weight Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Top Cover
  • Deep set oil bath lubrication system for 320TP frames and above
  • Dual chrome lifting lugs
  • Oversized cast conduit box
  • L approved insulation system, NEMA MG-1 Part 31 Inverter Duty, Non hydroscopic epoxy varnish, double VPI treatment
  • Precision Cast “P” base design with allows motor to mount without taking off rodent screen
  • Dual air flow system. Lower bracket has multiple air ducts which is conducive for superior cooling throughout the motor with non corrosive rodent screens
  • Precision balanced die cast aluminum rotor with anti rust paint finish. Rotor is made from 600 grade silicon steel to minimize core loss
  • Class F insulation with Class B Temp rise @ 1.15 S.F
  • All stainless steel full data nameplate
  • Twist spigot oil drain
  • Oversized one piece sight glass
  • Upper bracket machined for 175% EHT on 440 frames and above
  • Handle grip oil fill plug for ease of removing and reinstalling
  • 12 ball “Ball Type” non reverse ratchet made from ductile iron for superior rigidity

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